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No Mining Allowed


Have you ever played Minecraft and realized "Hey, this is great and all, but there's too much mining and not enough crafting", or maybe you just can't stop yourself from mining. After all, addictions of any type are bad, and mining is no exception.

Well say no more! With this mod, every time you mine a block,you instantly fall over and   DIE , saving you from your mining addiction once and for all


Break a grass block? Death

Break grass? Death

Break? Death

Death? Always!


Breaking any block, flower, grass, you name it will now cause you to ascend the physical realm, abandon your mortal body, and make you question why you downloaded this mod in the first place


Is it possible to beat Minecraft without ever breaking a block? Who knows? I don't!


Let me know if there are any bugs (I.E you break and block and didn't instantly keel over) or if you want the experience to be even more painful somehow (because we care about you, and your painful experience with this mod)