No AI Spawn Eggs

4,010 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 11, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

No AI Spawn Eggs


This mod adds a new creative tab full of spawn eggs that are like the normal spawn eggs but they spawn mobs with no AI. This is useful for if you want to spawn mobs for screenshots and other things, but don't want them running around or doing other bad things. There are also other uses like building maps and stuff if that's more your style. 


Q: Does this work with modded mobs?

A: Yes, any mob that has a spawn egg will work.


Q: Why did you make this?

A: I was trying to make a GIF but the mobs kept running out of frame and making me angry!


Q: What does no AI even mean?

A: It means the mob wont try to do attack, target other mobs, run around, or anything else that is in their AI. 


Q: Only the first egg works?

A: On 1.13.2 there is a bug in Vanilla Minecraft which causes the NBT of the item to be reset. There is no fix for this on 1.13.2. Other versions are fine.


Credits to trubinial guru for making the logo texture on Open Clip Art.


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