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29,985 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 30, 2017 Game Version: 1.8.9


This is a pack I'm writing in my "free time".

I work full time, so my "free time" is most likely only on the weekends, so updates will be slow.


This will only work with Minecraft Forge: drop the .jar in the "mods" folder as usual. When in game use the "UP" arrow on the keyboard to open the menu; this can be changed in the in-game controls.


All mods in this pack can be disabled individually, so you can enable only the ones you wish to use.


No warranty given, use at your own risk. Backups are your friend.


Please message me if you find any bugs, as I can only fix them if I know about them.

Recent News:

  • 30 November 2017
    • Added 1.8.9 version 1.1.1 to fix issue with armor status when holding a bow.
  • 28 November 2017
    • Added 1.8.9 version 1.1 to fix possible issue with potion images not appearing on certain servers.
  • 11 November 2017
    • Added 1.8.9 version based on Forge 1.8.9 -
    • This was converted from my 1.12 version and required a number of changes. If you find issues, please report them to me and I'll see what I can do.
    • 1.8.9 originally didn't show potions on the top right of the screen. This version does. The functionality is nearly the same as my 1.12 version with a change to how sneak works.
      • In order to sneak by tapping the sneak key in 1.8.9, you will now have to clear the key binding for sneak (set it to 'NONE'). Previously you could bind it to the same as the Minecraft sneak key, this doesn't appear to work in 1.8.9.
  • 22 July 2017
    • Fixed bug with moving the Armor Status GUI around
    • Modified the Sneak functionality
      • If bound to NONE, it won't do anything
      • If bound to your Minecraft sneak key, it will toggle if you tap sneak, but not if you hold it
      • If bound to any other key, it will toggle your sneak on/off
    • Added a 1.12 version of the mod

Implemented Mods:

  • Toggle Sneak
  • Toggle Sprint
  • Gamma Toggle
  • Food Saturation Indication
  • Armor Status HUD
  • Potion Timer Display

 Please read this section before asking questions about specific mods

Information on each Mod:

GUI Hub:

GUI Hub home screen

The hub for editing my mods' configurations (UP arrow to open by default)


Disabling a mod means it can no longer be toggled in the game.

 Armor Status HUD:

Armor HUD in game

The Armor Status HUD is shown on the top left in the above picture.

Armor HUD Config

There is the option to color the damage of an item based on its health. The way information is displayed is also changeable by switching "modes".


When the Hub is open there is a box drawn around the Armor Status indicating that you can click anywhere on the box and drag it to a new position.*


Oh, and it even shows you the number of arrows you have left too!


*Currently it does not re-position itself when resizing your Minecraft window, so it may be off screen if shrinking your window after putting it anywhere other than the top left. This will be changed in the future.

Toggle Sneak:

Super simple, it allows you to toggle sneaking based on a short press of your bound crouch button.



  • If bound to NONE, it won't do anything
  • If bound to your Minecraft sneak key, it will toggle if you tap sneak, but not if you hold it
  • If bound to any other key, it will toggle your sneak on/off


  • Do not bind it to your Minecraft sneak key! This prevents you from sneaking at all because, as far as I can tell, 1.8.9 doesn't like it when my key conflicts with its key. Bind it to 'NONE' instead.
  • If bound to NONE, it will toggle if you tap sneak, but not if you hold it
  • If bound to any other key, it will toggle your sneak on/off

This will not allow you to stay crouched when an inventory or chat is open.

 Toggle Sprint:

Done similarly to Toggle Sneak. When toggled on it is essentially just holding down your sprint key for you.

 Gamma Toggle:

Toggles your brightness setting from "normal" to "light everywhere".

 Saturation Indication:

Displays character's food saturation as a number above your experience level. This number may not appear to be going down if just running around, this is because of Minecraft, not me. It is more of an indication of how much health you can regenerate if you take damage. It primarily goes down as you regenerate health.

Saturation Config

Colors can be enabled to better indicate the state of your saturation level. These are changeable by clicking on the colored boxes. The levels that the colors are used are also changeable.


Saturation Color Sliders

When you click on a colored box, you can change the color using the sliders.

Potion Timer Display:

Displays the time remaining for your potion effects over the potion effect as it is shown on your screen.

Potion Timer Close-up


Potion Timer Display


Change Log Highlights:

v1.8.9 - - Added 1.8.9 version

v1.12 - - Added 1.12 version (probably should have been v1.12 -, oh well)

v1.11 - - Fixed GUI bug with moving the Armor window around; tweaked the sneak functionality

v1.11 - - Fixed possible issue with toggle sneak not un-toggling

v1.11 - - Potion Timers, Saturation colors changeable within GUI

v1.11 - - New config hub (UP arrow by default), Armor Status HUD added!

v1.11 - - Initial Upload




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