Ninjago (TGW)

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Long before time had a name the First Spinjitzu master created Ninjago.


JEI is strongly recommended for searching crafting recipes, however some stuff will not appear.


The Golden Weapons-

The golden weapons and the megaweapon require an elemental forge to be crafted. You need one elemental gold ingot and an elemental crystal (i.e- Fire crystal).  The ingot goes into the first slot and the crystal goes into the second, the type of elemental crystal determines the weapon created (for example ice crystal creates shuriken of ice), it should look like this-


Elemental gold ingot + Elemental Crystal --> Golden weapon 


The Megaweapon-

The Megaweapon is made in the same way as the other golden weapons apart from the crystal is replaced by The Golden Weapons item, the golden weapons item is crafted by any arrangement of the golden weapons in a crafting grid. Creating the Megaweapon should look like this-


Elemental gold ingot + The Golden Weapons (Item) --> The Megaweapon


The Fangblades-

Each different type of fangblade (i.e- Blue) can be created by right clicking a regular fangblade on a liquid source of serpentine venom, (i.e- right clicking Hypnobrai venom with a regular fangblade will give you the blue fangblade).



To obtain a Scroll of Spinjitzu you must give Sensei Wu an Elemental Gold Block. Use the scroll to learn Spinjitzu, this allows you to do Spinjitzu.


To choose your element press numpad 4 (You can only open this gui once per life), once you have selected an element press numpad 7 to do Spinjitzu. (SPINJITZU MAY LAG ON SOME DEVICES.) You must choose your element after switching between the overworld and the underworld. Spinjitzu cannot be performed in the Nether.


This mod is created for 1.16.5


(Mod underdevelopment, key aspects may change and some worlds will not function correctly in future updates)



The contents of this mod are based of The Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Tv series created by LEGO,


The Fold Music own The Weekend Whip.


Will no longer downgrade to 1.15.2, might eventually downgrade a separate version to 1.12.2




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