Nightmare Creatures II (Unofficial Multiplayer Patch)

306,075 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 30, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10
"This mod places a variety of terrifying and aggressive mobs to your world to make Minecraft more challenging. Many of these mobs are extremely hostile, but some will be tamable. All of them, however, will be very dangerous. The monsters in this mod will take on a variety of themes, from festering undead to wicked demons. Some of these creatures will provide valuable resources, while some exist only to cause grief. This mod is inspired by various movies and video games. Dark Souls, Insidious, and Dying Light are only some of the sources that this mod pulls ideas from.


While there are quite a few mobs planned already, feel free to post your own ideas on what should be added. Also, any advice/constructive criticism is welcome, since I want to make this mod enjoyable for everyone to use. Feel free to use this mod in any mod pack. Just send me a link to the mod pack so I can check it out. Mod reviews and lets plays are also welcome. If there are any issues that you come across when using this mod, feel free to post them on this forum. I will try to figure out what is wrong and make changes to the mod accordingly."
-TheMineshafter, Jan 9, 2016.
Half a year ago, a group of players wanting to use Nightmare Creatures in multiplayer requested that I patch the mod. The issue was simple, the lack of proxies was leading to the server attempting to render mobs on its screen, which as any modder knows, will not work. It was a simple fix, and I sent the patched version to TheMineshafter to use. However, he has not responded. He has not worked on the mod in over a year, or even touched it. There isn't even a license on the mod. Now, I have decided it is finally time to share the patch that I made with the world, at least until the original creator of the mod is ready to return to the modding scene and resume work on his great creation, which I will gladly hand back. Welcome to Nightmare Creatures II, Unofficial Multiplayer Addition.
Modpacks, Spotlights, Etc.
Of course :)
Note: I am using an invisible glass texture pack to hold the mobs still, they DO move around and do what they are meant to do (spawn, shoot webs, etc). These are half of the mobs in the mod, the "beast" mobs. I will leave the "demonic" mobs (ghosts, undead, and other fiery things) for you to discover on your own. (Embedding did not seem to want to work, I will try again later)


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