Night Config 4 Fabric

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This mod is an API. It will not do anything without a mod that requires it. For mod developers, this mod contains the Night Config jars needed to create configurations with TOML or JSON.


Why use Night Config?

  • Multiple config format support, including JSON and TOML. YAML and HOCON are additional options but not included in this mod.
  • Built in support for configuration defaults and validation with ConfigSpecs
  • TOML config format supports comments! Let the users of your mod know what your settings do.


Mod Development

To utilize Night Config, add the following dependencies to your build:

dependencies {
compile 'com.electronwill.night-config:core:3.6.0'
compile 'com.electronwill.night-config:toml:3.6.0' // Only needed for TOML config format
compile 'com.electronwill.night-config:json:3.6.0' // Only needed for JSON config format

Further information about it's use can be found on the Night Config wiki:

Code examples can be found on the Github repository:


For issues with this mod, please use the above Issues or Source links to go to the mod's github.


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