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NiftyBlocks is a great creative and survival friendly mod in which adds in various materials, lawn flamingos, the nifty block, and much much more!  You can craft a rainbow of dyed versions of wooden planks and bricks with the addition of NiftyBlocks' own sets of blocks like checkered tiles and the lamps. Light up your land with the lovely wooden lamps and the previously mentioned colored ones. Hungry? fear not because NiftyBlocks adds in 28 different foods including pizza, various fruits, doughnuts, bacon, tacos, and much much more, this also includes some of your favorite carbonated beverages like coca-cola and some other brands. NiftyBlocks is an excellent addition to your game if you are a modern map maker because NiftyBlocks adds in 72 different traffic signs, asphalt in black grey yellow and white colors, traffic cones and safety poles for your modern Minecraft city. The sky's the limit with NiftyBlocks! 






Forum thread: mariofish's Emporium of Nifty Mods


and a special thanks to goldensilver853 for getting me started.


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