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NextSpring [Forge]

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Supported Loaders:

Forge 1.7.10~Latest (this)

Fabric 1.3.2~Latest (here)

Quilt Latest (here)

Rift 1.13.2 (here)


"Though turned to mud, they'd quicken flower's birth next spring..."(Gong Zizhen)


The mod allows the rotten flesh item on the ground to catalyze the growth of plants.



refreshInterval -> The time of the refresh interval. After each interval, the rotten flesh item will try to catalyze a plant.

expireTime -> The time before the rotten flesh item entity's expiration. The item entity whose age is larger than this will be cleared, just like what happens in vanilla.

influencedByBiome -> If true, the possibility of rotten flesh's catalysis will be influenced by biome properties. The greater the value of the biome's temperature and humidity, the more the possibility the plant is catalyzed.

possibilityMultiplier -> The greater the value is, the more the possibility the plant is catalyzed.

respectVanillaCriteria -> If true, will respect vanilla's bone meal catalysis criteria. An example is when you try to bone-meal a tree, It has a 45% chance of growing.



You DEFINITELY CAN add the mod to your modpack.