New Items Mod (Cancelled)

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In MoreTools Mod, there are some normal and some things, abnormal. Please support this mod by commenting any bugs or ideas, anyway here is the description!


Please message the creator if there is anything really bad. Such as items not there or other.


The array of items are vast and long, and with the installations, they will be tested before hand to make sure that everything is safe and good.



In this mod, this could help the player get a better experience by playing the game with friends and having fun with the new tools, with the obsidian pickaxe can change mining to a whole other level! The obsidian pickaxe can mine up to 5000 blocks fast, this is useful for strip mining. The obsidian sword can kill a sheep, chicken, pig or cow in one swift blow, with 7 hearts of damage each swing, you are sure to get the easy win on minecraft. The Resource Heaven gifts you with Emerald Blocks as a replacement for stone, but don't get too carried away by the lovely sight as creatures still spawn in that dimension. 


Thank you for installing and have fun with this mod!






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