Never Needed Or Wanted

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Say hello to the mod you NEVER NEEDED OR WANTED.

This mod adds a list of blocks and items that well, you thought you “never needed or wanted”. The mod’s main goal is to be used in a sky block world,

and through the use of the new villagers and berry bushes, make it so you can get everything you would ever need.


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  • 8 New Villagers each with the own list trades and workstation.
  • 30 new berry bushes! Vanilla ores, resources and other modded metals.
  • All new Hammers and Spades for all you 3x3 mining and digging needs.
  • The all new and sexy Poking Stick of Doom, OK not sexy or ‘of Doom’ but its still new.
  • Derpy Magnet because we all know walking that one extra block to pick something up is just one block to far.
  • Villager Intense Area Growing Range Attachment (nothing more to say on that.)
  • Super Obsidian and Dark Glass to keep you safe from the evil Wither Boss and his blast.
  • 4 Mod traps for all your mod killing needs, Each with different traits.
  • Water Well, A block with an endless source of water.
  • Lava Well, A block with an endless source of lava.
  • Cobblestone Generator, A source of Cobblestone, but still with a cost.



Never Needed Or Wanted can be downloaded from CurseForge

(OMG that’s where you're at right now!).


Please DON’T download the mod from any other websites as I can’t be sure of their safety.

Unfortunately, there's always the chance of running into a bug while playing any game. Especially so when it come to playing games with mods.

But its OK, as you have three options when reporting a bug. 

  • Do nothing - That's right. If your game crashes while you are playing, you don't have to tell us. We will automatically be notified and your crash report will be sent to us. 
  • Create an issue on GitHub - This requires a GitHub account, which is free. Please include your Minecraft version, Forge Version and Mod version. Go to our Issue Tracker to create an issue. 
  • Post in the NemGo Discord - You can tell us about your bug via a quick post in the Discord link above.



NNOW is licensed with the GPLv3 Open Source license. Consult your favourite search engine for specifics on this license. 

Commonly asked questions regarding permissions are answered here:


  • Can I make YouTube videos showcasing this mod? Yes.
  •  Can I redistribute this mod on my website? No. Link to this page.
  •  Can I publish a modpack with this mod? Yes.


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