Nether's Overhaul


This mod was made with mcreator (excuse me for my English I'm French)

 information: I advise to use JEI for recipes 



All mobs :

basalt snail:
passive mob, found in basalt deltas biomes, drop 1 basalt, and 1 ember snail, you also have a chance of obtaining basalt snail shells (if you eat the shells you will have a permanent resistance effect)


Warped and Crimson Shroomling:
two totally passive adorable little creatures are very friendly, you can move them with a bucket


Bruger: extremely aggressive crowd, woe to those who are hit by an attack from the bruger, it paralyzes your body for 10 seconds, iron armor will not be enough for you (easter egg if we rename it with a name tag "burger" the model changes). 


A very powerful little magician, has several attacks like, you remove your vision, can make you levitate,
And can teleport you randomly within a perimeter of 15 blocks, He can drop fabric which will help you craft your hat.


Soul Tracker: aggressive mob, he runs very fast, if you hit him your vision will be cut.



Veneficus hat :

Veneficus Hat :
do you have more than 1 xp? , equip this hat to teleport anywhere, it will cost you a little XP, practical for pvp, 30 second cooldown



warning : not all mod elements are displayed on the curseforge page