Nether Gold Plus

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This mod's aim was to follow the trend of my previous: Introducing concepts that are simple, functional, and expand the vanilla experience in a way that carries the vanilla-feel. This mod wont dynamically shift the experience that is Minecraft: It's a clean and neat addition to that experience that flows naturally. 


Nether Gold Plus adds a few simple things:

  • Nether Gold Ore: Nether Gold Ore generates in the nether, and is rarer than quartz. You can gather this ore and smelt it into gold ingots.
  • Fiery Ingots: When you combine a gold ingot with two blaze powder, you create a Fiery Ingot. This ingot makes tools, weapons, and an armor set that grants fire resistance when worn. It is between iron and gold in protection, and gold-tier in enchantability. 
  • Pigman Warriors: Pigman Warriors spawn in the Nether alongside their less powerful counterparts. They wear Fiery Plates on their back and chest, and wield a shield on top of their standard gold sword. A slightly beefier, but less frequent defender of the Pigmen Folk. 
  • Deconstruction: All Fiery Armor can be smelted down into a single Fiery Ingot! A better deal than vanilla conversions, because of the armors affinity for fire. 

If you want to include this mod in a modpack, or make a video on this, feel free to and let me know so I can check them out! 


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