Nether Dragon

📖 About:

The Ender Dragon has been around for years now, but why doesn't the Nether dimension have a dragon creature? This mod adds a fearsome new mob to the game, the Nether Dragon. These massive, fiery beasts dwell in the Nether wastes and are the ultimate challenge for any adventurer.

NEW! (Nether Dragon 1.5):

🔥 Netherman:

Nethermen are tough creatures that live in the Nether and protect the Nether Dragon. Whenever the dragon is attacked, there's a 70% chance a Netherman will spawn to help fight. Nethermen can teleport and move blocks, making them a tough opponent.

🔴 Netherpearls:

Nethermen have a chance to drop Netherpearls, which are similar to Enderpearls but with a fiery twist. When thrown, they don't teleport the player, but instead explode on impact and summon a bolt of lightning.


🔥 Nether Dragon Helmet: 

The Nether Dragon Helmet is a unique piece of armor that provides the wearer with fire resistance. To craft it, you'll need to combine a Netherite Helmet with a Nether Dragon Horn, which can be obtained by defeating the Nether Dragon. The crafting process requires the use of a Smithing Table.

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