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Filename NEIIntegration-MC1.7.10-1.0.5.jar
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Uploaded Jan 20, 2015
Game Version 1.7.10   +2
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Java 8
Java 7
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Readded HarvestCraft handlers as they don't currently work in the mod itself. Thanks to iTitus who provided the code of their version of the handlers.
- Added Big Reactors Cyanite Reprocessor handler
- Added localized/display names to Ore Dictionary, Fluid and Fluid Container dumps.
- Added chest loot dumper
- Added Ore Dictionary usage recipe handler, disabled by default.
- Set the Fluid Registry handler to be disabled by default.
- Added tooltip for how much liquid glass a smelting input is worth in T.Fabricators.
- Remove unnecessary caching from some Forestry handlers. Should fix the handlers not updating when the recipes are changed at runtime (MineTweaker).