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* Banana Stalks generate as part of Banana Plants, they can be placed in all directions

* Banana Bundles generate on Banana Plants and will drop a few Banana Bunches when broken

* Banana Fronds generate on Banana Plants, usable as fuel, and to make paper. Can be grown into Banana Plants when on Gravel or Sand in the rain

* Frond Thatch is a decoration block made from Banana Fronds

* Ice Cream Blocks can be made from Snow Blocks around a bowl of Ice Cream

* Banana Crates are available for Quark compatibility

* Strawberry Bushes now mutate white in The End



* Ice Cubes are now occasionally dropped from Ice and are now used in place of Ice in Ice Cream

* Banana Bunches come from Banana Bundles and will leave behind a Banana Peel when opened, and give the player a few bananas.

* Bananas come from Banana Bunches and will give the player the Agility effect upon consumption

* Banana Milkshakes can be made from Bananas, these will remove a random effect from the player.

* Banana Cakes can also be made from Bananas and will give the player Agility and remove a random effect

* Banana Bread can be made with a Banana, Sugar, and Wheat, and will grant a longer instance of Agility

* Dried Bananas can be made from cooking a Banana, these will give shorter Agility but more food points

* Banana Ice Cream is also craftable from Bananas and will grant one minute of Agility

* Bananarrows can be crafted using Bananas and Arrows and will place a Banana Peel on impact

* Strawberry Banana Smoothies can be made, which will heal and give Agility

* Monkey Banner patterns can be made from Paper and a Banana Bundle

* Cookies are no longer made from Chocolate, and just use Cocoa Beans

* Any recipes using Milk can also use Milk Bottles, besides Cake recipes



* Banana Peels will give the Slipping effect on contact and will disappear after a bit of time

* Spiders have a rare chance of jumping out Banana bunches upon opening

* Monkeys will be added in a future update...



* Agility allows the player to climb all blocks like they are Ladders

* Slipping jankily pushes the player in various directions as if they are slipping


World Generation

* Added Banana Plants, found in Jungles, on Beaches, or in Rainforests if Atmospheric is installed

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