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Nautilium is a mod made by me in MCreator primarily for fun and to solve the problem of nautilus shells being nearly useless by adding nautilus shell oriented items, such as an armor that has extremely high enchantability, and slightly more protection than iron. This mod also makes it easier to gain nautilus shells by having nautilus fragments spawn on ocean floors.


--More will be added later.

Update 0.7: Gave nautilium armor effects on a full set from requests, new nautilium sword, and the discs are now craftable.


Update 1.0: New glowup for Nautilium Armors look, Base Nautilium armor no longer gives effects on full set, New conduit armor that gives full set bonus, New sweet berry pies that are always edible, New kelp salve for treating burning


Oh yeah, forgot to mention, if you wanna use this mod in modpacks feel free.


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