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REQUIRE GECKOLIB3 VERSION 3.0.41 OR HIGHER! (Should be download automaticaly on CurseForge launcher)


This mod is about rain and aims to give it more purposes:
  • With first a new ore called Zirms:

In the lore, this ore is created thanks to rainwater and can be found only in biomes where there is rain, close to the surface between y level 0 and 80.


  • And a new hoe enchantment called Defoliate:

With this enchantment on a hoe you will be able to loot Leaf and Branch by breaking all kinds of Minecraft Leaves.

If you have Fortune enchantment you will drop more Leaf and Branch.

Also, if you break Leaves when it's raining you will drop Wet Leaf and Wet Branch.

With this informations you will be able to craft Leafy Zirms amor set and tools and discover all their powers.


Armor Power:

With the full suit of Leafy Zirms you gain some speed under rain and in water. Also as it is waterlogged, all fire and lava damage are absorbed by the armor, then you don't take any damage but your amor does !


Sword Power:

This sword is waterlogged and imbued by the nature. When you have Wet Leaf in your inventory, you can right-click your sword to damage entities around you at the cost of one Wet Leaf!

You can configure damages done in the common config file!


Pickaxe Power:

As this pickaxe is waterlogged you can right-click on lava sources or lava flows to turn the targeted liquid to cobblestone or obsidian! Be awaire that it consumes a lot of durabilty and even more in the nether !

You can configure if this power should work in the nether in the common config file!


Shovel Power:

This shovel is basically a water bucket, and you can shift to place a water source on Grass Block instead of turing it to a Dirt Path.


Axe Power:

An axe imbued by the nature, you can use it basically like bonemeal! It consumes 3 of durability.


Hoe Power:

This hoe will make your farmlands moist in allcircumstances! Enjoy your potato farm in the nether ;) !


Wetstuff Launcher:

You can use this weapon to shoot wet stuffs like: Wet Leaf, Softened Honeycomb(works on lava), Softened Slimeball and Flowing Glow Ink(works under water)! 

You can configure damages done by all wet projectiles in the common config file!


Snail Shell Chestplate Power:

Crouch and press the key you assigned in the configs to enter your house like a snail!

You can disable this feature in the config file if you won't others dimensions.



For the craft of the Wet Stuff Launcher and the craft of the Snail Shell Amor I suggest you to download just enough items! 

Quartz blocks and the smooth stone blocks you can see with jei in the ritual pattern can be replace with anything!

And to summon the rain you can place 4 water buckets and one zirms in the middle!



Please always play on the last version! 

If you have some issues or some requests let me know in the comment


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