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Nature Architect: Plants and Decorations

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  • A lightweighted mod with dozens of nature-themed decorations for ruins, dungeons, houses and other buildings.
  • Tired of repeating complex crafting recipes for just decorating a house? Use Stonecutter to make new decorations. Fast and simple!
  • Ever wanted to cover any block with grass/moss/mycelium? Place a Cover on top of it. It does look good with blocks from other mods too!
  • No unneeded 'mossy variants' for every block. Place Moss Patches on any block to make it look mossy.
  • Grass in your garden is plain and uninteresting? There are many new variants of it, which do not require shears or silk touch to be collected.
  • Most of new decorations have no placement restrictions. Feel free to make a grass on bottom of ocean, or a bush on top of fence.
  • This mod does not interfere world generation or game balance in any way, it's purely aestetic, but some blocks retain their properties from vanilla counterparts. In example hoglins are afraid of new warped fungus variants, and new soul sand blocks make you run fast with Soul Speed enchnantment.




  • You are allowed to use this mod in your videos and modpacks as long as credited and download link leads here.
  • You are not allowed re-upload this mod to other websites and launchers. This also means no Aternos.
  • Backports or Fabric port are not planned.
  • Bug reports and re-balance ideas are welcome.