Natural Decoration

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This mod make the forest more beautiful than before!



Update Log

V.1.0.2 Update : Bug fix

V.1.0.3 Update : Bug fix , decrease branches and fungus spawn rate , add Acorn / Pine Cones and Catkins , delete shelf fungus and add bracket Fungus , add fallen stick on the ground , change some model , and more..

V.1.0.4 Update : Bug fix , increase catkins spawn rates.

V.1.0.5 Update : Add Little Sparrow & Small Snails.

V.1.0.6 Update : Add 4 Little Birds (Sparrow , Robin , Red breasted , swallow) , Add Cactus Flower , All Item in this mod has LOGO now.

V.1.0.7 Update : Mushroom spawnrate was decrease now , Cactus flower has better model , add 1 new bird "Marsh tit".

V.1.0.8 Update : Mushrooms , Branches are flammable. Mushrooms are only spawn on the wood log (Bug fix).

V.1.0.9 Update : 2 birds are deleted (Swallow , Red breasted) , Add 3 Butterflies (Morpho , Yellow & White), All birds are in only one spawn egg (Birds), Bugfix.




Mod for 1.18.2+

Forge version only

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