Nasty Mobs

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Filename NastyMobs-1.14.4-
Uploaded by lupicus
Uploaded Jul 31, 2020
Game Version Forge
Size 109.51 KB
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MD5 e2d8ea045d745ce92efe348be420b3ba
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Java 8
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Fix issue with the nether (spawn location wasn't correct in some cases).

In effort to control harshness, some configuration changes were made:

  Add 3 new configuration options to adjust additional damage (from 5 and 9 to 3 and 7, so 1 point less) and add some inaccuracy to shots, but seems to have little affect.

  Changed two default configurations to lower maximum hp (from 250 to 46) and increased max distance (from 4000 to 22500).

Add advancements, better loot, and adjust poison duration.