Mythical Monsters and Dangerous Dungeons

6,970 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 16, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

The Mythical Monsters and Dangerous Dungeons mod is a new mod that adds monsters, dungeons for them to live in, and loot for you to take from them.


Each dungeon has a mob to correspond to it, and loot to gain.


There are currently 25 structures within the mod;

(v0.1, "Initial Release")

Draugr Dungeon

Woodrachnid Nest

Mummy Tomb

Robot Outpost

Boarman Camp

Enderling Temple

(v0.2, "Freezing Cold")

Iceman Temple

Yeti Cave

(v0.3, "Pharaoh's Curse")

Pharaoh's Pyramid

Scorpion Den

(v0.4, "Amazing Arachnids")

Mawrachnid Nest

Bograchnid Nest

Aquarachnid Nest

(v0.5, "Deeper Dungeons")

Deep Dungeon

Dweller Dungeon

Wight Dungeon

Geode Dungeon

(v0.6, "Curious Creatures")

Glowboar Cave

Skycow Pen

(v0.7, "Broodmother")

 Broodmother Den

(v0.8, "Creepies and Crawlies")


Beetle Nest

(v0.9, "The Knights")

Knight Tower

Black Knight Tower

White Knight Tower


This mod is still very new, and in every update, I will attempt to make at least two more dungeons.


v0.9, The Knights update, is here!

- added the Knight Tower, with Knights guarding it.

- added the Black Knight Tower, from Nugget's Dungeons!

- added the White Knight Tower, from Nugget's Dungeons!

- tweaked spawning of existing structures, there may still be some issues currently though, I am further investigating these.


Since the mod is now at 25 dungeons, the next update will be version 1.0! There will be numerous structures in the next update. I believe that updates will become more frequent in the near future, and there may even be content like new dimensions in future updates... :)


Have any ideas for dungeons? Let me know!


FUTURE PLANS: Port all of the Nugget's Dungeons mod contents over to here, and some of my personal favorites from UltimaRPG, as that mod is no longer receiving updates, and neither is Nugget's Dungeons. I also plan on making this mod far more expansive, and hope for it to feature over 75 unique structures and mobs. MCreator is pretty limited, but once a stable version is released for later versions of Minecraft, I will begin to port up to later versions of the game. Procedurally generated dungeons have also been done in MCreator before, so I really hope I can find someone who is able to help me create some of those, as they seem like they'd really tie this entire mod together, and allow for some much needed exploration expansion.


(Made with MCreator)


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