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Mystic Energistics completely overhaul the mechanics of minecraft, it reworks all of its functions and adds brand new generated structures, loot tables, villager trades and more, This mod is exactly like a modpack for minecraft, but its not, Its completely optimized to 1.16 and its just one downloadable file.


Once installed, generate a new world and watch your minecraft come to life with its realistic touches in ores and buildings. The mod overhauls the AI and is still in BETA. 


The mod includes multiple items that await you on your journey into the unknown. 


The mod includes. 


Mythic Ore
Nuclear Ore
Cobalt Ore
Uranium Ore
Copper Ore
Zinc Ore
Lead Ore
Tin Ore
Silver Ore
Dysprosium Ore
Cerium Ore


Mythic Block
Nuclear Block
Cobalt Block
Uranium Block
Copper Block
Zinc Block
Lead Block
Tin Block
Silver Block
Dysprosium Block
Cerium Block


Mythic Armor
Mythic Infused Helmet
Mythic Infused Chestplate
Mythic Infused Leggings
Mythic Infused Boots

Nuclear Armor
Nuclear Infused Helmet
Nuclear Infused Chestplate
Nuclear Infused Leggings
Nuclear Infused Boots

Cobalt Armor:
Cobalt Infused Helmet
Cobalt Infused Chestplate
Cobalt Infused Leggings
Cobalt Infused Boots


Uranium Armor:
Uranium Infused Helmet
Uranium Infused Chestplate
Uranium Infused Leggings
Uranium Infused Boots


Copper Armor

Copper Helmet

Copper Chestplate

Copper Leggings

Copper Boots


Zinc Armor

Zinc Helmet

Zinc Chestplate

Zinc Leggings

Zinc Boots


Lead Armor

Lead Helmet

Lead Chestplate

Lead Legging

Lead Boots


Tin Armor

Tin Helmet

Tin Chestplate

Tin Leggings

Tin Boots


Silver Armor

Silver Helmet

Silver Chestplate

Silver Leggings

Silver Boots


Dysprosium Armor
Dysprosium Helmet

Dysprosium Chestplate

Dysprosium Leggings

Dysprosium Boots


Cerium Armor

Cerium Helmet

Cerium Chestplate

Cerium Leggings

Cerium Boots


Nuclear TNT
Antifuleist TNT
Red Matter Nuke
Dark Matter Nuke



This mod has all of my other mods crammed within, If you want to make your experiance better, download Vanilla + Advanced from my profile.