Mysterious Miscellany

204,378 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 15, 2017 Game Version: 1.11.2

A mod containing various miscellaneous tidbits of awesome.


Current content:

  • Server-wide boss sounds are removed! No more server-wide announcements of wither spawn or dragon death. Their other sounds are intact. You can also disable certain sounds (such as villager hmmmmms) through configs.
  • Knowledge Infusion crafting! Surround the Knowledge Infuser on the sides with enchanting power (including corners), RF from the bottom, and the block to infuse on the top.
  • Fishstopper! Keep anywhere in inventory to detect silverfish eggs, right click on the block to transform it into its model block.
  • Infused Fishstopper! Same as the Fishstopper, but lets you sneak-rightclick onto empty air to activate a passive AOE mode.
  • Compressed and Double Compressed bookshelves! These are worth 9 and 81 bookshelves respectively for enchantment power purposes.
  • Enchantment Booster! Never need a bookshelf again with this handy tool. As long as there is a single air block in a place where you'd normally place a bookshelf, the enchantment table will have max power.
  • Enchanting Generator! Generate RF from Enchanting Power. Set it up like an enchanting table and watch the RF roll in. Can't be adjacent to another enchanting generator.
  • Grass Stomping enchantment! Enchant boots with this nifty enchantment to automatically destroy tall and double tall grass. Does not produce any drops.
  • Waterstopper! Removes water (flowing and source) near the player when active.
  • Ocean Annihilator! Removes water (flowing and source) in a large radius around the block, lining the outside with ice to prevent water from flowing in.
  • Spawn Preventer! 32 block radius.. spawn preventer. No monsters will spawn around it.
  • Autorun! Click a configurable hotkey (default numlock), run automatically. Will not sprint, and will pause if you open a gui or chat.
  • Use bone meal on a flower in the world to get another one!
  • Dye + 1-8 stained glass/panes/hardened clay/carpet/wool = 1-8 dyed. Goes in any directions. Replace dye with sand to get the base block.
  • Right click a glass/panes/hardened clay/carpet/wool block in the world with a dye and dye it. Consumes the dye.
  • UnHoe's! Simply use like you would a normal hoe, only in reverse. Farmland turns into dirt. 


Modpack permissions: Free for all, though I love hearing if you put it in a public modpack.

Issues/Bug Reports: Go here


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