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MyFit version 1.8.3!! - Buff Toggle Switches!
The MyFit Mod! This mod allows Minecraft players to enhance their performance through statistics. The more times you do something, the better you get at it, giving you better buffs. However, the only way to receive these benefits is to craft and wear the MyFit. To wear the MyFi, press M (you can change it in controls) and it will open up the MyFit menu. Put your MyFit in the slot labeled "MyFit". Once you have the MyFit on, it will start tracking your stats. The more you walk/sprint. the more speed you will get. All effects given by the MyFit are permanent unless you take it off. Jumps give you jump boost, more mob/player kills give you strength, the more damage you take the more resistance you get, and finally, the longer you are on your Minecraft world, the more haste you get. There are also toggle switches on the left of the MyFit menu, where you can turn certain buffs on/off. If you get one level of every stat, you get Health Boost 1! This continues to 3 (e.g. you get two levels of every stat you get Health Boost 2!


IMPORTANT: If the MyFit is not loading your stats and no tooltip appears when you hover over the item, right click it to make the MyFit reload and/or bind its stats to you. 


If the stats are not loading when you hover over the item (e.g. when you take it out of a creative menu or shift-click from the crafting table), just right click and it should re-load all the data.

3000m = 1 speed level
600 jumps = 1 jump boost level
300 mob kills = 1 strength level
1000 half-hearts of damage taken = 1 resistance level
3 hours online = 1 haste level
If you get one level of every stat, you get Health Boost level 1!
This continues to 3(e.g. you get two of every stat you get Health Boost 2)!

Awesome Mod Review by SSundee:

There is a cheatStat command to add or subtract stats from the MyFit. This command does not change the actual statistics; they just change the MyFit. These changes are also NOT PERMANENT. They will reset when you exit the game. To use the command type in /cheatStat, tab for your stat options, then add the number(positive for addition, negative for subtraction).

-Atrophying (Negative buffs over time)
-More variants of the MyFit
-A points system to buy buffs
-2 extra health if you get every stat buff (DONE)
-Feather Feet custom buff fot distance fallen stat 
-Suggest Ideas in the comments!

Version 1.8.3:
-Fixed bug with the Haste and Resistance toggle switches being swapped

Version 1.8.2:
-Fixed bug in which toggle switches would reset when you log off.

Version 1.8.1:
-Added Buff Toggle Switches
-Tweaked network code

Version 1.7.8:
-Added the MyFit Overlay on the player when put in MyFit slot
-Fixed Speed Bug
-Tweaked Drop code

Version 1.7.3:
-Made the MyFit drop upon death
-Gave a health boost if you get all buffs
-Nerfed some buffs
-Un-nerfed some buffs
-Other bug fixes

Version 1.6.7:
-Server bug fixes

Version 1.6.4:

Version 1.6.3:

Version 1.6.2:
-Server compatibility
-Compatibility with other mods
-Nerfed jump increase level

Version 1.5.8:
-Work towards server compatibility
-Can run on servers, just doesn't function properly

Version 1.5.7:
-Work towards server compatibility

Version 1.5.6:
-Un-nerfed minutes played level
-Nerfed the resistance so you can't become virtually invincible
-Nerfed the strength so there's not TOO much one-shotting ;D

Version 1.5.5:
-Nerfed some buff increase levels

Version 1.5.4:
-Added stats showing in the GUI when the MyFit is in its slot

Version 1.5.0:
-Added a custom MyFit slot
-Added MyFit GUI that opens on M by default

Version 1.4.0:
-Added level caps
-Speed:8,Everything else: 4
-Added a config file
-Can edit buff intervals
-Can edit buff level caps

Version 1.3.0:
-Added MyFit!
-Added buffs based on statistics
-Added the MyFit item and its display

I Hope you enjoy this! If you want to include this in a modpack just contact me first. If you do a mod review on this mod feel free to send me the link and I will post it up here! Thanks!

Thanks to:
SN41L for great user input on the mod and helping me with ideas for updates :lol:
diesieben07 on the minecraft forge forums for programming help
Ernio on the minecraft forge forums for programming help
Ssundee for doing a mod review

You cannot repost this mod on any website or forum. You cannot post the direct download link anywhere else, link to this page first.


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