My Heroes Ability Mod

15,467 Downloads Last Updated: May 23, 2016 Game Version: 1.9


About the Mod: This mod is based on the discontinued Facebook game with the same name.

Disclaimer: This mod was experimental and won't be updated, but you will be able to get many of the same things in this mod from my newer mods: Special Weapons and Armor and Superhuman Mobs (they're updated to 1.9.4 and should also work in 1.10.4). 

I also have a similar mod for 1.7.10 and 1.8.9 called My Heroes Ability Talismans, you can find the download at the minecraft forum.

Fire Cannon

- Requires fire charge for ammo
- put new fire cannon in crafting table for infinity
Snow Blaster

- Requires Snowballs for ammo
- put new snow blaster in crafting table for infinity
Lightning Axe

- Right click a block to strike lightning
Healing Stick

- Kills undead mobs, heals other mobs

- Removes negative potions effects from other mobs
Rocket Launcher

-Requires rockets for ammo (rocket is a new item)
Psychic Paintbrush

- Right click air for luck
- Put a new psychic paintbrush into crafting table to give it looting
Telekinetic Wand

- Inflicts mobs with levitation
- Right click air for a chance of levitation or removing it
Telepathic Staff

- Right click air to taunt
- Right click ground to turn invisible
Enderpearl Gun

- Shoots ender pearls as ammo
- Put a new enderpearl gun into crafting table for infinity
Katana of Time

- Right click air to change time to day
- Inflicts mobs with slowness
Golden Pistol

Shoots gold nuggets (has effect of punch enchantment)
Lightning Colt

Makes the sound of thunder and burns mobs
Requires blaze rods for ammo
Web Shooter

Shoots webs onto blocks
Requires string for ammo
Wooden Bat

You can use any vanilla wooden planks to craft it

Place new wooden bat into crafting table for amazing knockback
Ender Knife

This knife works just like an enderpearl, but can also hurt mobs
Place this knife into crafting table for infinity enchantment
Steel Beam

This is a throwable item that can really hurt mobs
Place into crafting table for infinite uses
Night Rifle

This rifle gives you night vision
Requires glowstone for ammo
Machine Gun

This gun can shoot ammo continuously
Requires gun powder for ammo

Hit a mob or player with this to make them dizzy
Radioactive Sword

This OP weapon hits mobs with blindness and wither effect
This weapon also makes you explode when right clicking a block
Ice Sword

Hit mobs with slowness
Molecular Sword

Hits mobs with wither effect
Right click a block to imprison mobs in iron bars
Sword of Sickness

Hits mobs with poison


Strength - haste, strength, resistance, jump boost

Speed - haste and swiftness

Flying - right click to activate, hold right click to cancel fall damage

Regeneration - regeneration, saturation, waterbreathing, fire resistance, immunity to negative potion effects

Spawn an Ice Shelter:
Ice Shelter Spawn Recipe:

Elemental Armor

Helmet gives you night vision and haste

Put new elemental chestplate into crafting table for blast protection

Leggings give you fire resistance

Put new elemental boots into crafting table for frost walker (enchantment)
Psychic Armor

Helmet of night vision, luck, and haste

Chestplate gives you strength and resistance
- put new chestplate into crafting table for projectile protection

Leggings give you swiftness, jump boost, and cancels fall damage

Put new psychic boots into crafting table for feather falling
Strength Armor

Helmet gives you haste

Chestplate gives you resistance and strength
- put new chestplate into crafting table for protection enchantment

Leggings give you jump boost and cancels fall damage

Speedy Armor

Put new speedy helmet into crafting table for aqua affinity

Chestplate gives you haste

Leggings give you swiftness

Put new speedy boots into crafting table for depth strider (fast swimmig)
Flying Armor

Chestplate lets you fly

Leggings give you jump boost and cancels fall damage

Immortality Armor

Helmet gives you water breathing, and saturation

Chestplate gives you regeneration


Miniature Structures

The structures don't look exactly like their real life counterparts, but they're close enough. 

Grand Central Station

Casa Loma

Bellagio Hotel

The Alamo

Crystal Court (IDS Center)

Westminster Abbey

Saladin Citadel

Himeji Castle


New biome and new dimension!

I added a few human mobs, they spawn in the Heroes biome. There's also an evernow portal made of lapis blocks and activated by lapis and steel (made with lapis and iron). The dimension is pretty much an endless Heroes biome with the same structures that spawn in the overworld (with some differences).  


Mobs included:

Ninja - has teleportation ability

Pickpocket - just a random criminal

Griefer - blows stuff up

Mad Scientist - shoots splash potions

Assassin - just a random villain

Cop - they fight random criminals

Dispenser Man - a silly technopath

Flying Steve - They fly aimlessly

Pyrokinetic - A new nether mob

Cryokinetic - they shoot snowballs, reincarnate as snow golems

Painter - just a random guy with a paintbrush

Telekinetic - Can shoot arrows without a bow 

Troll - turns invisible when it falls off a block and taunts you

Wrestler - and his name is... JOHN CENA!! 


I'm also working on a troll mob... it's not working the way I want it to yet


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