Mutated Mobs Mod

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Mutated Mobs is a mod that fuses two entities into one strong being .

Currently mod adds 36 mutant to the game, 25 hostile and 7 neutral and 4 passive.
Every mob gets some unique attribute or ability of both previous creatures, so be aware of that!


Blaze Skeleton:

- Has 50 hp.
- Immune to fire.
- Shoots Flaming Arrows.
- Can Fly & No fall Damage.
- Deals extra damage to burning enemy.
- Can be killed by water.

- Drops Blaze rods, Bones, Arrows.

Ender Golem:

- Has 140 hp.
- No fall damage.
- Can pickup and throw tnt.
- Can pickup any usefull or rare block.
- Acts same as iron golem.
- Can teleport around.
- Is immune to water & projectiles.
- Will attack you if you look at him.

- Drops Ender Pearls.

Ender Skeleton:

- Has 60 hp.
- Teleports around like enderman.
- Can spawn with melee weapon or a bow.
- Doesn't burn on day time.
- Can teleport around.
- Drops Bones, Arrows, Ender pearls.


- Has 36 hp.
- Is immune to fire.
- When angry will charge at his enemy.
- Comes in two different forms, child and grown up.
- Neutral by default.
- Will leap at target as a spider.
- Can climb walls.
- Drops Gold nuggets, String, Spider Eyes, Golden Sword.

Shulker Ghast:

- Has 40 hp.
- Acts same as a ghast.
- Also will shoot out up to 10 Shulker bullets.
- 2x Smaller then the ghast.
- Drops Ghast Tears.

Slime Creeper:

- Has 4 hp * Current Size.
- Acts same as a creeper.
- Explosion radius depends on current size.
- Will split into smaller slime creepers on death.
- Has 2 times faster speed then original creeper.
- Drops Slimeballs, Gun powder.

Spider Guardian:

- 50hp
- Will reflect 1.25x damage on melee attack.
- Can climb walls and swim fast in water.
- Will give Nausea, Slowness and Mining Fatigue on attack.
- Attacks melee.
- Hates Squids, Villagers and Golems.

Spider Creeper:

- 36hp
- Can climb walls.
- Has a 25% chance to explode when below 18hp.
- Has a 3x radius of explosion
- Drops Gun powder, Spider eyes, String.

Spider Pig:

- 26hp
- Can climb walls.
- Ridable and fully controlable.
- Can climb walls while is being ridden.
- On Lightning Strike becomes Zombie(Spider) Pigman.
- Doesn't take fall damage.
- Passive mob, that will never attack.
- On collision with mobs , deals 3 damage per hit.
- Can be healed by golden carrots or carrots!

Blaze Pig:

- 30hp
- Can fly around like blaze.
- Is Immune to fire.
- Ridable like Spider Pig
- On collision with mob will set them on fire.
- Passive, but can rarely fight.
- Can be killed by water.
- Drops Blaze rods.

Ghast Shulker:

- 60hp.
- Same size as a ghast.
- Same abillities as a shulker.
- Also will shoot giant shulker bullets, that will explode.
- Drops ???

Elder Spider Guardian:

- 150hp.
- Same abillities as a Spider Guardian.
- Places webs on attack.
- Gives weakness on attack.
- Is 2x times slower then Spider Guardian.
- Drops ???

Spider Witch:

- 50hp
- Can climb walls.
- 3x times faster potion throwing.
- Bigger attack range.
- Drops same as a Witch.

Silverish Creeper: 

- 10 hp 
- Can hide in the stone. 
- On explosion will spawn horde of silverfishes. 
- Sometimes will summon silverfish to help it chase you. 
- Explodes same radius as normal creeper. 
- Drops same stuff like normal creepers. 

Illiusioner Creeper: 

- 24hp 
- Will create illiusons to attack you. 
- Illiusions will not explode and will not drop anything. 
- Will become invisible right after he will create illiusions. 
- Explodes same radius as normal creeper. 
- Drops same stuff like normal creepers. 

Illiusioner Wither Skeleton: 

- 40hp 
- Will create illiusons to attack you. 
- Real Wither Skeleton will wither and deal 7 damage to you. 
- Illiusions of wither skeleton will not deal any damage or apply any effects. 
- Drops bones, rarely wither skulls and arrows. 

Zombie Spider:

- Has 36hp and 4 Armor points.
- Has same abillities as zombie.
- Can Climb on walls and walk thought web.
- Can spawn as a baby.
- Will infect villagers into zombies.
- Drops Rotten flesh.
- has 50 % to spawn anywhere.

Illiusioner Ghast:

- Has 20 health.
- Same abillities as ghast.
- Will split into illiusions.
- Will burn in fire.
- Drops Ghast tears.
- Will spawn in Nether.

Slime Golem:

- Has health depending on size(4x size = 322hp).
- Will split into smaller versions on death.
- Will act same as iron golem.
- Will drop slime balls and iron ingots on smallest size.
- Will knock enemies up depending on size(max 999)
- Will spawn in ???.

Squid Ghast:

- Has 60 health.
- Will fly like ghast.
- Will shoot a really strange fireball(causes blindness in aoe radius).
- Drops Ghast tears.
- Will spawn in ???.

Husk Spider:

- Has 36hp and 4 Armor points.
- Has same abillities as Zombie spider.
- Gives hunger on attack.
- Drops Rotten flesh.
- has 50 % to spawn anywhere.

Blaze Golem:

- Has 140 hp and deals 14 damage.
- Acts same as Iron Golem.
- Can fly and set enemies on fire.
- Will transform water into magma blocks.
- On right click with smeltable food items will smelt them.
- Will drop blaze powder and iron ingots.
- No spawn yet..

Creeper Golem:

- Has 140 hp and deals 14 damage.
- Will cause small explosions on attack.
- When health reaches below 50% he will charge him self up.
- When charged power, speed and defense will be multiplied by 2x.
- Has a devastating attack on death, will cause up to 10x times explosion.
- Acts same as Iron Golem.
- Will drop gun powder and iron ingots.
- No spawn yet..

Creeper voker:

- Has 40hp.
- Acts same as Evoker.
- Spawns creeper fangs and vexes on attack.
- Has same abilities as creeper.
- Will become 10x stronger on lightning strike.
- Will drop Detonator, Totem of Undying and Gun powder.
- Has 10% chance to spawn anywhere.

Zombiefied Creeper:

- Has 40hp.
- Acts as a Creeper & Zombie together.
- When health is below 50% will try to explode.
- Will drop zombie & creeper loot.
- Has 40% chance to spawn anywhere.

Creeper Pig:

- Has 30hp.
- Acts same as Creeper.
- On lightning strike will become 2x times more powerfull.
- Will drop Creeper Pig Porkchop and when charged will drop Charged Pig Porkchop.
- Has 50% chance to spawn anywhere.

Wither Shulker:

- Has 350hp and is a boss mob.
- Acts same as Shulker and attacks anything.
- Shoots Giant Explosive Wither Bullets.
- Has regenation of a Wither.
- Can only be damaged if is hit in the bottom part of the shell.
- Will drop Shulker Shells, Wither Stars.
- No spawn yet..

Shulker Wither:

- Has 350hp and is a boss mob.
- Acts same as Wither and attacks anything.
- Shoots Shulker Skulls and Shulker Bullets.
- Has all abilities of Wither Boss.
- Will drop Shulker Shells, Wither Stars.
- No spawn yet.

Guardian Golem:

- Has 100hp
- Deals 14 damage.
- Acts same as Iron Golem.
- Reflects 2x damage on attack.
- Shoots Lasers from the eye(Currently implementing!).
- Spawns ???.

Mr Spook:

- Has 360hp.
- Can spawn as a baby or adult.
- 3rd boss in the mod(2nd strongest!)
- When health goes below 160 becomes 2x stronger and covers him self in armor!
- Is combination of Shulker,Creeper,Zombie,Spider and Witch.
- Has 5 fightning styles that he will use:
1.Creating explosions on attack.
2.Throwing harming potion on enemy.
3.Critical strikes(Deals 20% of opponents health as a damage).
4.Shulker Punch(Causes levitation).
5.Teleport around(Teleports around like crazy).
- Will attack literraly anyone he will see even other spooks!
- On Kill will regain 10hp.
- Spawns ???.

Squid Creeper:

- Has 26 Health.

- Because of combination with squid will not explode.

- On death will have AOE of blindness all around the place where he died.

- Drops ink sacks.

- Spawns in almost every biome, except Nether & End.

Squid Creeper:

- Has 60 Health.

- Can teleport around and explode like normal creeper.

- On explosion will have a slight chance to teleport random person in AOE.

- Will drop ender pearls.

- Spawns in End & Plains.

Enderman Snowman:

- Has 46 Health.

- Will shoot 5x times faster then ordinary snow golem.

- Will randomly teleport around his target.

- Still is scared of water.

- Uses ender pearls that deal 1 damage on hit as ammunition.

- Drops Ender pearls on death.

- Spawns in ???.

Blaze Snowman:

- Has 24 Health.

- Is immune to fire.

- Uses fireballs as ammunition.

- Shoots 5x times faster then ordinary snowman.

- Can Fly & Is immune to any fall damage.

- Drops Blaze rods on death.

- Spawns in ???.

Santa Claus Spider(Xmas 2017):

- Has 250 Hp and deals 10 damage per hit.

- Has two variations Adult & Baby.

- Has same strenght as Mr Spook.

- Is combination of Spider, Santa Claus & Snow Golem.

- Will leave snow trail on the ground.

- Has 3 unique abillities that it can use:

1.Firework attack(Shoots out fireworks that can damage enemies and these fireworks will pickup their targets and launch them to the sky).

2.Super Strenght(Has a 10% chance when fighting opponent stronger then him, that he will cause 250% of damage in one hit).

3.Potion Steal(Santa Claus gives gifts, but Santa Spider Claus will steal them).


- Will drop Firework Detonator on death.

- When he is not fightning anyone he will begin regenerating his health to full.

- Spawns ???


Polar Wolf:

- Has 100 Health and deals 10 damage per hit.

- Can be tamed with bones and will be ridden by owner as well.

- You can breed them with same food like wolves.

- Acts Like Wolf in most ways , but it's impossible to make him sit like wolves.

- Has 10% chance to spawn in taigas and other wolf specific biomes.

- If is killed by any Zombie Mob or Mutant will transform into Polar Zombie Wolf.

Polar Zombie Wolf:

- Has The same stats as it's counter part Polar Wolf.

- Will attack Polar Wolves and will try to transform them to zombies.

- Will not spawn anywhere by default, but will only spawn on certain occasions.



- Has 60 Health and will deal from 7 to 15 damage per hit.

- Has abilities of both Enderman & Blaze.

- Will fly, teleport and instead of normal attack will spawn flame ring.

- Doesn't spawn anywhere yet , as there is no structure for him to spawn in.

- Drops Ender Pearls.





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Q:  Can you add [Mob] mutant?

A: Yes i can, but before that if idea is original then will add it to To do list:


Q: Can i use this mod in modpack?

A: Yes you can, but if it's public besure to credit Soulas(Rolik) for this mod.


Q: Can i make a showcase on this mod?

A: Yeah, sure it will be amazing to see a new showcase! :)


Q: Can you add a [Boss mob] mutant?

A: Yeah i will consider adding that mob, if it's orginal and will not be just op killing machine.


Q: Help! i download this mod from another website, but there are some mutants missing!

A: Well it's simple just download from curseforge, as i will only support and help you out, if you will download the mod from the original source and not a mod stealing websites.


Q: Will you support modded mobs as well?

A: Yeah someday, i will but not right now, as still there are some mutants missing :p


And that's it for now , may add more mutated mobs later!
P.s: be sure to suggest own mutant and a 1 unique abillity for it :p


Also all item information will be displayed in the game, just hover over the item!


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