Mutant Beasts

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Filename MutantBeasts-1.16.1-1.1.1.jar
Uploaded by Chumbanotz
Uploaded Aug 4, 2020
Game Version 1.16.1
Size 1.22 MB
Downloads 28,711
MD5 a33169937eda4666f85b9b3784ce4bbd
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


- Added an advancement for using a flint and steel on a mutant zombie when it's down
- Mutant Creepers flash white and hiss like a normal creeper when doing their jump-explosion attack
- Multiple creeper minion eggs can be stacked on a player's head like they could before
- Fixed endersoul fragments seeming to disappear when a player right-clicks them
- Fixed the biomeWhitelist config resetting #19
- Fixed a crash that could happen when a mutant zombie, mutant enderman or mutant creeper dies.
- Fixed #20