Mushafer II Mod

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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Mushafer II Mod by Gardon

Minecraft 1.14.4


The second part of my modification just saw the light of day. In this part of the mod there are many news that are worth describing. A few things are also returning from the previous part so if you haven't heard about the first part of the mod I recommend checking out. WARNING! The description does not contain all information about mod, the rest you have to discover for yourself! So I'll start right away:


Returning from the previous section:

Crimson Lands is now called Sanguine Lands:

it has hardly changed so much, but new structures and a few minor news have been added to it later.

Luce Lands:
it has not changed too much except for new structures and small additions.

New Biomes:

Horrible Lands: biome replacement for Dark Lands with black grass. From now on it is a darker and more dangerous area full of returning Dark Skeletons and another new mob that will be discussed later. Many new structures built from a new type of bricks have been added to it. The terrain is steeper and fuller of bad life.

Thugs Lands: biome of new civilization pirates with purple grass, as well as new mobs added in modification. This area is usually flat and many structures are not generated except one but more on that later. Biome is usually unfriendly to the player, but this biome is the only habitat of the new ore: "uranium". There is a second variant of this biome or forest area with a new type of wood.

Frenzy Lands: a blue area with a blue grass variety that inhabits the new Fredlinmans civilization. Neutral and slightly dangerous terrain for the player and extremely dangerous for Mushafermans. There are new flowers, bushes with oranges and there are new structures built of new bricks. The site is the site of the new ore: "sapphire".

Green Lands: a green and colorful biome with a green grass variety and a new type of wood and rich vegetation consisting of grass, flowers and strawberry bushes. A place usually unfriendly to the player, but gentle to the environment. Greensmans live in the area. Sapphire and some new structures are also generated in this area.

New useful block:

Mushafer TNT - a new type of tnt fired either redstone or lighter. The force of the explosion is 4 times greater than normal TNT!

New useful items:

Mystery Book - a magic book dropped out of the new boss: "Toried Gelcos". The object is as interesting as its use. Taking into the inventory, we are shown a list of spells that we can use by clicking the appropriate numbers.

Bosses amulets - there are six of them:

Boss amulets:

Mushafer Devil, Lord Buioscuran, Gaburiera, Purple Captain and Toried Gelcos Amulet. With these five amulets you can create a totem summoning the final boss!

Amulet from the final boss:

Grand Hevner Amulet.

Division of subjects:

From this version, items mainly used for fighting are divided into individual categories:

Normal Item - ordinary items that we can most often make ourselves.

Good Item - items are slightly better than normal ones.

Super Item - items that have interesting effects and are a little harder to get.

Epic Item - items most often falling out of bosses with interesting applications. They are harder to come by.

Legendary Item - valuable items that give the player amazing effects and make the player a hero of the world Mushafer! Hard to get.


Returning from previous versions are not particularly improved:

Mushafermans, Mushafer Guard, Evil Steve, Dark Skeletons, Saint Steves

New Mobs:

Horrible Golem - a replacement for Obscur Golem. Only appears in the new structure as a powerful guard. Nothing falls out of it.

Purple Pirate - a mob living in Thugs Lands. The mob has a saber in his hand and is good at hand combat. Sometimes his saber falls out of it.

Greensman - an individual appearing on the Green Lands biome. Faithful servant of the new boss. He is armed with a crossbow and shield, which sometimes fall out of him.

Mushafer Wraith - a ghost sometimes appearing in red terrain. The spectrum can fly and is dangerous to the player. The dust needed to make Mushafer TNT falls out of it.

Mushafer Bull - a slightly more developed mob, on which the player can ride freely like on a horse. It occurs in three genres: Sanguine, Horrible - this is dangerous for the player and Frenzy. Bull is neutral to the player and after death nothing falls out of him.

Fredlinmans - performs like mushafermans in three groups as: Citizen, Warrior and Archer. He appears on the biome of Frenzy Lands and is a mob who hates the Mushafermans people and Mushafermans them. After their death, Mushafer Orange falls out.

Mobs from the last crusade:

Red, Blue, Yellow, Green Crusade - the last crusade is a group of these mobs which sometimes appear everywhere in the world of Mushafer. Everyone generates in one place most often. Swords and shields fall from them.

New ores:

Sapphire Ore - occurs on Frenzy and Green Lands. Ore that is slightly better than Redsteel ore. We can make a sword, bow, tools and armor out of it.

Uranium Ore - new and the best ore from now on. Better than Hellfire ore up to 2 times! Occurs only on the Thugs Lands biome. We can make a sword, tools and armor out of it.


Mushafer Devil is back!

Activate bosses by standing on blocks with their images!

New Bosses:

Lord Buioscuran - Ombrascuran's older brother! A powerful boss equipped with an ax and armor. He is in the Horrible Lands in his castle and his amulet and sometimes its equipment fly out.

Gaburiera - ruler of the Greensmans people and biome Green Lands and guardian of justice. He uses his own bow and can shoot well with it! After her death, the amulet falls and sometimes her bow.

Purple Captain - a big beard pirate captain. Like his subordinates, he uses a saber but his own. You can meet him in his ship. An amulet and sometimes his saber fall out of it.

Toried Gelcos - the older brother of Goried Gelcos. A truthful and fair magician who passively uses his book that blows lightning at the player! Boss of Frenzy Lands dropping an amulet and sometimes the magic book.

Grand Hevner - the final boss. He is huge and the most dangerous of all the abovementioned bosses. It makes terrible noises and is able to kill a player at once if he has no armor. After he drops the bags and the amulet. Thus, his defeat is a kind of mod ending.


Each structure already has normal boxes with normal loot!

Some structures now generate flags representing individual tribes!

Some structures from the previous part are back, but all have been improved!

New structures:

Horrible Lands:

Horrible Dungeon - the equivalent of the dungeon on the biome of Sanguine Lands

Horrible Tower - the equivalent of the tower from Sanguine Lands

Horrible Castle - Lord Ombrascuran's castle. Huge structure with a lot of traps

Horrible Camp - camp, equivalent to the biome camp from Sanguine Lands

Thugs Lands:

Captain Ship - a ship with a ship's captain. A structure quite interesting to the eye.

Green Lands:

Wooden Tower - a wooden observation tower made of a new type of wood. Crates and sometimes its guards are generated there.

Gaburiera Temple - the temple where boss Gaburiera appears. Huge structure reminiscent of a forest gazebo.

Frenzy Lands:

Frenzy Dungeon - dungeon biome Frenzy Lands

Frenzy Single Tower - a single tower in Frenzy Lands

Double Tower Frenzy - two same towers but connected with each other by a bridge

Frenzy Toried Gelcos Fort - Toried fort of one of the bosses. The structure is perfect for fighting.

Frenzy Camp - a camp equivalent to those from Sanguine and Horrible Lands

Final Boss Headquarters:

Grand Hevner Headquarters - a huge structure in which there is the final boss and his helpers. We generate the structure through a totem!


So much for the description, you must discover the rest of the mod yourself by downloading my mod. I invite you to download and evaluate my work positively. See you next time!


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