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Muon is a Forge mod for Minecraft versions 1.9 and above inspired by Quark. Its primary focus is to improve and enhance Villages in keeping with the style and spirit of Vanilla Minecraft.

Fixed Village terrain

Muon is by nature a CoreMod. This means it hooks parts of the minecraft source in ways not usually required by Minecraft mods and is therefore is limited to a specific range of Minecraft versions. Versions for newer versions of minecraft may become available as we start playing them. :)

Every aspect of this mod has been given a config option so you can tweak it to your heart's delight and use as much or as little of it as you wish.

Generally the config options that fix deficiencies in Vanilla default to True, and setting all options to False will revert to pure vanilla behaviour. Options that significantly enhance or change vanilla mechanics need to be enabled explicitly. The default settings should result in improved vanilla world generation and gameplay without adding anything new.

Muon 0.2 (Alpha) features:

  • An option for Village Groves: a dense stand of trees in villages. This needs to be explicitly enabled. I recommend setting it to 100% ;)
  • Initial pass at code for terrain-dependent structures (Structures  added after initial village generation but before chunk creation)
  • Added option to default future features to enabled.
  • Added code to check for new Muon versions.
  • Fixed bug reading our own on Windows.
  • Fixed crash when encountering modded buildings without a facing.

Muon 0.1 (Alpha) features:

  • An option to fix for vertical building placement in villages to  eliminate the all too common problem of inaccessible elevated or  buried doors.
  • An option to fix "broken" terrain around villages, ensuring paths  are always accessible within a village and don't drop off the side  of mountains.
  • An option to use alternate path generation code to make them look  a bit better, and also create simple bridges across small rivers.
  • An option to ensure scattered features like temples and igloos are  always accessible. Igloos would sometimes spawn *INSIDE* hills.
  • No change in the number of randoms taken from the seed pool, so your  world seeds still generate the same world!

Future development direction is intended to add tweaks to the mechanics of villagers, and add additional villager types for miners and foresters.


All commited code has had rudimentary testing, but has not yet been given significant exercise in the real world of multiplayer minecraft.

If you want to use it in a modpack you are most welcome to with proper attribution, but given the ALPHA state of the mod please keep in mind that you will bear full responsibility for all support as a result of doing so.

Development news and notice of other mods by us will be listed on (currently offline pending rebuild. Check back here!)

Also, dropping us a note to tell us where you're using it would be most appreciated! Send us a link and we might check it out! :)


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