Multiworld (Fabric & Forge)

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logo Multiworld

Adds support for teleporting & creating multiple worlds.
A multiverse alternative for Fabric.


Command Usage:

Command About Examples
/mw version     Output mod version  
/mw list     List all worlds  
/mw tp     Teleport to a world  /mw tp minecraft:overworld
/mw create     Create a new world  /mw create testwork NORMAL
 /mw create testwork NETHER
 /mw create testwork END
/mw setspawn     Set spawn for current world  
/mw spawn     Teleport to world's spawn  



(Multiworld supports either LuckPerms or CyberPerms)

The permission `multiworld.admin` or being `/op`-ed grants access to every command.


  • /mw                     multiworld.cmd
  • /mw tp       
  • /mw spawn         multiworld.spawn
  • /mw setspawn    multiworld.setspawn
  • /mw create          multiworld.create


Coming Soon!

- World delete command
- Custom generator suppport
- Custom Portal support




Note: Multiworld makes use of the Fantasy library by NucleoidMC for creation of runtime worlds.