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MUID - Most Used IDs

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A client side and server side mod for finding how many total registered IDs are there of biomes, dimensions, blocks, items, potions, and enchantments at that time.

Warning Dimension IDs can change based on where you are in game. 


a command /moddebuginfo on 1.12.2 and /muid moddebuginfo on 1.16.4 that will create an output txt file of mods and their biome ids, block ids, item ids, potion ids, enchantment ids, tile entity ids, and entity ids! :)


This mod is intended for modpacks use at will :)


This mod will be ported in time don't worry!!!

planned versions





Current versions supported

1.12.2 forge

1.15.2 forge

1.16.4 forge

1.16.4 fabric


If I forgot a version or port let me know at


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