MTS Seagull's military car pack

170,325 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 2, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Immersive Vehicles (used to be called Minecraft Transport Simulator (MTS)) is a Minecraft mod that allow you to download vehicles pack (planes, cars...). IV Seagull's military car pack adds to IV new military cars to drive and hide around!

Trin and UNU convention approved

MTS seagull's military cars pack adds:

- Hummer Humvee (10 textures)

- Land Rover Defender ( 9 textures)

- 4x4 Military Cougar (9 textures)

- 1960 Trin Aligator (9 textures)


Planned models: (hype factory)

- Trin ARY-TC150


To be fonctionnal, those vehicles need wheels engines and other parts, all could be found in the Trin Part Pack.

The humvees will only take the compact v6 and inline 3. The cougar can take all engines except the v12, same for the defender. All those vehicles come with realistic stats and animation, and the cougar is the best thing ever to drive through an entire house at the price of wheels ^^, it might not have any weapons now, but that cougar is a great solid destructive vehicle.

Along sides this military pack, a civilian pack is aviable:


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If ever you want to use any of my packs in servers/ modpacks, you can totally do it! Just take the time to tell me :)

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