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327,330 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 1, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2
Mainly supported MC version is 1.12.2!
But I am working on a 1.13.2 release!
MS Utilities

starter kits, commands, mod-name tooltips, configurable window title/icon, NetherPortalFix, DisableNetherPortal, NoSleep and more coming soon!


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Hi, I am MSandro, I am an Austrian student and would like to introduce you to my first mod.

I plan to use this mod in my future Modpack. Since I do not want to install 10 small mods, for 10 small tweaks, I put together some features in this mod. I was inspired by some mods, but the code is self-written and not just copied.



  • mod-name tooltip (the style and color is configurable)
  • Map Maker's Tab (added vanilla items without a creative tab to my own new tab)
  • ThirsyBottles (consumes the water-block when you take it with an empty bottle)
  • configurable window title and icon.
  • player starter kit
  • spawn the player in other dimensions
  • spawn a simple platform for the player on the first join (helpful if you want to spawn in the nether or the end to prevent the player from falling in lava or the void)
  • /msutils <heal|top|echest>
  • NoSleep (you can enable this in the config file to prevent the player from sleeping)
  • SetSpawnAnyTime (on clicking your bed, your spawn point will be set on any time)
  • NetherPortalFix (Ensures correct destinations when travelling back and forth through Nether Portals)
  • RestrictedPortals (you can configure a item wich must be crafted bevore the player can enter a dimension)
  • No Nether Portal (if enabled, players can't activate the nether portal)
  • BedrockReplacer (Replace bedrock with a specified block in a specified dimension)
  • BlockReplacer (replaces a block with a other block in a defined dimension when placed)
  • Restrict the growing of seeds, saplings and the use of bonemeal in defined dimensions)

Other informations 


Planed features:

  • if you want to suggest me a feature, please tell me in the commend section.


Known bugs:

if you know a bug please tell me in the Issue section.


Can I use it in my modpack?

You have my permission to include this mod in any modpack, public or private, provided that credit is given, the source code is not modified and the overall mod pack is distributed free of charge.


How can I help to develop this mod?

The source code is public and you can change it as you want. Send me the changed file (.java or .zip) and I will check if I can implement your changes in the mod. I also add you as developer in the team list. But please don't release your changes as a seperate mod at your own!


My other mods:

MSU: RPG - underground spawn bunkers, choicable starter-kit, and much more is planed.



Have fun!


Sorry for my bad english, I am an Austrian.


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