MrVorgan's Plants Vs Zombies Mod

11,908 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 12, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod is only in its early stages of development and has much more to come.



Keep In Mind That This Is What I Want To Add Not What Will Be Added



To Be Added v2.9

- Chomper

- Wall-nut (Plantable)

- Yeti Zombie (Boss)


To Be Added v3.0

- New Zombie Blocks

- New Structures

- Wall-nut Armour




What This Mod Has:



- Weed

- Flower Pot Wearing Weed

- Pumpkin Wearing Weed

- Grumpy Stumpy

- Vase Weed



- Bucket Head Zombie

- Cone Head Zombie

- Regular Zombie

- Imp Zombie

- Gargantuar Zombie

- Flag Zombie

- All Star Zombie

- Out House Zombie


Armour, Weapons & Tools

- All Star Zombie Helmet

- All Star Zombie Jersey

- All Star Zombie Leggings

- All Star Zombie Boots

- Zombie Bucket

- Zombie Cone

- Wearable Pot

- Trowel

- Crazy Dave's Pan



- Weeds(Crop)

- Gnome Iron Ore

- Gnome Gold Ore


Items & Food:

- Sun

- Gnome Iron

- Gnome Gold

- Peashooter Seeds(does nothing yet)

- Firepea Seeds(does nothing yet)

- Snowpea Seeds(does nothing yet)

- Snow Pod(does nothing yet)

- Pea Pod

- Fire Pod

- Sunflower Bud

- Sunflower Seeds(does nothing yet)

- Walnut Shell Piece

- Fume Shroom Bubbles(does nothing yet)

- Puff Shroom Bubbles(does nothing yet)

- Repeater Seeds(does nothing yet)

- Repeater Pods(does nothing yet)

- Threepeater Seeds(does nothing yet)

- Threepeater Pods(does nothing yet)

- Weeds

- Flag(does nothing yet)

- Cone Piece

- Padding

- Spike(does nothing yet)

- Taco

- Chilly Taco



The Zomburbia Biome:

This Biome Is A Work In Progress. 

- Contains Trees

- Contains Fountains

- Contains Gardens Dead/Alive


When Playing You'll Realise That The Zomburbia Biome Is Quite Hard To Find, Don't Worry. When You Do Find It You Must Wait Till Night As The Plants and Zombies Spawn Then, In The Day Though It Pretty Much Just Looks Like A Mooshroom Biome.


Requires Forge


Tips & Facts:

- Plants & Zombies Only Spawn At Night

- Zombies Can Survive During The Day

- Bucket Helmet With All Star Armour Is A Must

- Gnome Gold Only Spawns Below 16, Like Diamonds

- Gnome Gold And Gnome Iron Don't Need To Be Smelted

- PvZ 2 And GW1 Don't Take Part In This

- Walnut Shell Pieces Are Used To Make Tacos

- Cone Pieces Are Used To Make A Cone Head

- When A Flag Zombie Dies It Says "The Zombies Are Coming..."


Other Recommended Mods For Use With PvZ:


- MrCrayfish's Gun Mod

- Journey Map




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