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Yo, here goes moyai mod which adds mobs, decorative block and items!

You can get decorative moyais by killing moyai mobs and crafting statues from them

Every moyai can spawn in their special biome

The Locket of Rock - uses 10xp, applies levitation, conduit power and glowing for few sec

The Staff of Rock - can shoot moyais


The Fire Staff of Rock - more powerful version, uses gold nuggets, applies special and deadly effect on target

Amulet of The Rock - applies Regeneration III, Speed II and Strenght III ...but after 30 sec you will die by another effect (when rock effect ends you're dying instantly)

Rock Tamer - can tame every moyai


Elemental Moyai - can summon Moyai Boss by dropping it


Elemental Core - applies special effects by left click and right


Rock Guider Star, uses to create a portal into a Rock Dimension


Rock Dimension, crafts from Chiseled Stone Bricks and Rock Guider (like nether portal)


2 new mobs from dimension🤨



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