Mowzie's Mobs

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These jungle-lurking plant monsters want nothing more than to eat anything that moves! They may seem like ordinary ferns, but they'll emerge if you come close. You can't get close enough to strike them, so find some other way of killing them!

Ferrous Wroughtnaut

Lost underground many years ago, these heavily armored knights are not men nor are they statues. Are they guarding something? They have forgotten what. Are they waiting for something? They have forgotten when.


Residing in the savanna, the Barakoa travel in small hunting packs. They are one with the masks on their heads, which cannot be removed. Some use bones as clubs as weapons while others use poisoned blowdarts.

Barako, the Sun Chief

Barako is the chief of the Barakoa tribe, residing in a stationary seat upon a throne in Barakoa villages. His masked children revere him as a god. Unequipped travelers should keep their distance from his villages, lest they be smitten by his heliomancy.



Frostmaws are dangerous beasts found rarely in snowy areas. Their massive size, impressive speed, and powerful ice breath make them near-impossible opponents. If, on your travels, you encounter one sleeping in your path, it's likely best to let it lay.


These adorable crystal crustaceans live deep underground in caves and ravines. Sometimes called “living ore,” Grottols are prized as a rare source of diamonds. But only the quickest of adventurers can manage to catch them before they burrow away.


Lanterns dot the canopy of roofed forests, glowing like jellyfish. Some cultures believe these creatures to contain the souls of the recently deceased. Others wish on them like stars.


Coastal cliffs are dangerous places. Adventurers tell of winged serpents called nagas with impressive speed and menacing acid venom. Though these drakes are powerful, a well-placed arrow can knock a naga right out of the sky.