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Thanks to YaLTeR for making such an awesome mod.  I really like 1.10.2 and didn't want to wait any longer for this to be updated so I ported it myself.


This version only works with Minecraft Forge (LiteLoader is not supported)


Drop the MouseReTweaks .jar file in your mod directory and you should be ready to rock and roll.


You can use your left and right mouse buttons to drag, pickup and sort items.




Drag an items multiple times over once slot and it will put that item in that slot.


LeftMouseButton (with an item)


Pickup items of the same time by left clicking on an item in an inventory and dragging the mouse over other items.  It will only pick up items of the same type.


LeftMouseButton (without an item)


Move items to another inventory by holding shift + left mouse button and dragging it over the inventory windows.  Items will act as if they were "shift+clicked" into the other inventory.


Scroll Wheel


You can use your scroll wheel to move items between different inventories as well.


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