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At the moment, this allows the user to change the liquid needed to form the Twilight Forest portal.

Also includes an "MorphCraft" world type that removes all lakes/pools/oceans of water.

Also includes the "Mob Capture Wand" item. It's basically a Soul Vial/Safari Net. By default, it will only pick up neutral/friendly mobs. This can be disabled in the config file.


The default Twilight Forest portal is replaced with our own portal which functionas identically. This is done so no bytecode manipulation is needed. This could have been a PR to TF or even just a feature request, but they're busy enough and I'd rather not add to their TODO list until at least the final boss is implemented. The item needed is still set in the Twilight Forest configs via the S:portalCreationItem option. 





A string value (modid:blockname) for the block used instead of water (defaults to water)





A boolean (true/false) value that can disable the ability to create infinite water source blocks via the normal vanilla mechanic



A boolean value that disabled the ability to capture hostile mobs with the Mob Capture Wand



A boolean value that can enable placement of Molten Enderium in-world. This requires both Thermal Foundation and Tinkers' Construct be installed




A boolean value that will disable the custom vanilla River and Ocean replacement biomes

If you are running a server and want to use the MorphCraft world type add this line to your





At the moment this adds in the feature to use ingredients in order to make the enchantment you desire without relying on chance.


More things will be added as are needed for the pack(s).