MoreVanillaArmors Mod

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                                                 MORE VANILLA ARMORS!!!


The More Vanilla Armors Mod adds many new types of armor to minecraft. It currently has grass, stone, leaf, dirt, wood, cobble, plank, bedrock, glass, sandstone, wool, bricks, obsidian, netherrack, quartz, netherbrick, endstone, stone brick, soul sand, emerald, clay, coal, ice, prismarine, slime, redstone, paper, cactus, bone, invisible, OP, studded leather, stealth, and worthless armor but will be expanded to include MORE in an update soon to come! 


Ideas for the mod: Ore Dictionary names, custom crafting bench, achievements maybe, stained clay armor with color overlays.


Also I recently added a config file to ALL minecraft versions of the mod instead of just 1.10.2. The config file, I hope, will be expanded to all armors and recipes but currently is only for bedrock, op, invisible, and stealth.


Feel free to leave ANY and ALL suggestions to what I should add in the comments. I do check them regularly! 


Showcase to the mod that I did myself(very slightly outdated):




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