MoreTools Mod

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I will not update this post anymore. If you wan't to download the mod or see updated versions go to my minecraft forum post

Basic Information

This is my first mod, so it's not that advanced. If you find any bugs, or wan't me to add something, write it in the comments. The Tools The Mod Adds

More exact information

MoreTools adds 5 different kinds of tools, one of them is glass. Glass tools is crafted by placing 9 pices of glass in a crafting table, to get 1 compressed glass. Then you smelt compressed glass to get hardened glass, which can be used to make the glass tools. The Redstone tools is made by redstone blocks, and the lapis tools is made by lapis blocks. The lapis tools is really good for enchanthing, and the redstone tools is really fast to mine with, though the durability is the same as iron.


To install the mod, you need to have Minecraft Forge installed. The place the .zip file in you mods map.


[1.6.4] Download


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