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・This mod is in development.
・Specification of this mod may change and this mod may has some bugs!

・Sora_suke's License For Minecraft Mod Version1.0
・The license may be changed!

 · Please report any bugs.
Please make a minimum verification before reporting.
· It is not necessarily correctable.

*About this MOD.
・This mod adds many materials,tools and utilities.

*Things added by this MOD.

(These can become tools and weapons.)

(These can not become tools and weapons.)

・Tools for crafting.
・Iron Mortar
・Explosion Button-This explodes with right click.
・Chicken Block-This lays eggs every ten minutes.
・Block of Feather-Even if you fall on this you will not get damaged.

・Chicken Head-A chicken drops this.

・Giant Crystal Deposit-Large vein of crystal block

Please check recipes with NEI or Craft guide.

*How to install.
・Install Forge version or later.
・Enter this jar file in the mods folder.

・If you use Curse client,
・Open this mod's curse project.
・Press that install button.

EMCList(for after than 1.10.2)


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