More Commands Mod


More Commands Mod


A Fabric mod that adds various useful commands to the game.


Game mode

Requires op

  • /gm {gamemode}: Change gamemode.
  • /gms & /gm0: Change gamemode to Survival.
  • /gmc & /gm1: Change gamemode to Creative.
  • /gma & /gm2: Change gamemode to Adventure.
  • /gmsp & /gm3: Change gamemode to Spectator.


Requires op

  • /home set {name} {x} {y} {z}: Store coordinates to teleport to later.
  • /home get {name}: Retrieve the coordinates a home is located at.
  • /home remove {name}: Remove a given home.
  • /home [go] {name}: Teleport to a given home.
  • /home list: List all homes you have set.


Non-ops will have the placed blocks removed from their inventory on use

  • /shape box {x} {y} {z} {block}: Create a box out of a given block.
  • /shape cube {size} {block}: Create a cube out of a given block.
  • /shape pyramid {size} {block}: Create a pyramid out of a given block.
  • /shape sphere {radius} {block}: Create a sphere out of a given block.


Requires op

  • /structure "{keywords}" [{direction}]: Generate any in-game structure in a specified compass direction.
    • A full list of structures can be found in structures.txt.
    • The full structure name does not need to be used. Entering "village savanna house" as the keywords retrieves a random structure from the village/savanna/houses/ folder.