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MoreBows mod adds multiple tiered advanced bows and a variety of bow upgrades each with 3 tiers. The advanced bow can hold up to 12 upgrades in addition to any enchantments.



Broken Upgrades

To begin, you must find broken bow upgrades in loot chests around the world. Broken upgrades can only be found in stronghold, outpost, and woodland mansion chests.

Example loot chest

Broken upgrades can be crafted into a tier I base upgrade, a crafting ingredient for all tier I bow upgrades and tier II base upgrade. The tier I base upgrade can be crafted into a tier II base upgrade, and then a tier III bow upgrade.


 Broken upgrades are also used to craft the basic advanced bow.



Crafting Upgrades

A tier X base upgrade can be crafted into any tier X bow upgrade using other ingredients depending on the type of bow upgrade. So any tier II upgrade uses tier II base upgrades as ingredients. All recipes:


















Upgrading Your Bow

Bow upgrades can be applied to the advanced bow using the advanced fletching table. To apply a bow upgrade the previous tier of the upgrade must already be installed on the bow (to apply Explosive II you need Explosive I on your bow already).




Further Upgrading

The capacity upgrade, a special bow upgrade, can also be applied in the advanced fletching table to increase your bow's potential upgrades.



The crafting recipes may be difficult, but the Advanced Bow can be highly customizable and powerful. You can apply any upgrades in any order for a unique and fun weapon.


Last Notes

Of course you can use MoreBows in your modpack! Let me know your suggestions and criticisms in the comments.


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