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Hi people who see this. This is my second mod I EVER made. I made this because I wanted all armor types of all the ores in WHOLE OF MINECRAFT MWAHAHAHA!!!

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  • Lapis Armor, Weapons and Tools
  • Emerald Armor, Weapons and Tools
  • Redstone Armor, Weapons and Tools
  • Coal Armor, Weapons and Tools (can burn in furnaces)
  • Quartz Armor, Weapons and Tools
  • Powered Redstone Armor, Weapons and Tools
  • You can repair all the items with the corresponding item. Powered Redstone is repaired with redstone blocks.

Powered redstone armor is very hard and protects you the same way as diamond does. The tools and weapons are a combination between diamond and gold and so are the fastest tools in mincraft and can last a lifetime. It can break anything and that with the speed of gold.

All the items of coal, redstone, quartz, emerald and lapis, are crafted like normal items. Powered redstone has a special recipe you can find on the wiki.

Planned Features

  • Shears of all types (including: wood, stone, diamond and gold)
  • Powered Redstone tools emits Redstone power when right clicked. Strength wil be determined by damage.
  • Powered Redstone Armor emits Redstone power when walking over Redstone. Strength will be determined by damage.
  • Powered Armor will be awesomely overpowered :D

How to install

  • Twitch Desktop app

    • Go to your Minecraft profile
    • Press the 'Get More Content Button'
    • Search for More Armor
    • Press install
  • Manual

    • Download the mod via the link above
    • Install the recommended Minecraft Forge
    • Put the mod file in your 'mods' folder


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