More Player Models

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Filename MorePlayerModels_1.9.4(18oct16).jar
Uploaded by Noppes_
Uploaded Oct 18, 2016
Game Version 1.9.4
Size 882.75 KB
Downloads 32,565
MD5 702cf373d672fb595300f9fb41f23479
Supported Minecraft 1.9 Versions


Re-upload for bug/crash fixes

* 3 new animations /no /yes and /point

* inventory character selection menu added

* /setmodel, /seturl, /setname, /setscale have been change to /mpm model, /mpm url, /mpm name, /mpm scale

* Camera control using left alt.

   - Holding alt allows you to rotate the camera around

   - Releasing alt will lock its position

   - Pressing alt twice will reset it to normal

   - Only works in thrid person view