More Pistons Jiraiyah Version

83,595 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 16, 2014 Game Version: 1.7.10


First of all, let me thank  MontyPylon and smeagol, I just got the repository from smeagol's site and took a look inside, there were few things i didn't like and changed:

1- The mod now don't need the gollum lib, honestly, only needed a new constructor for blocks and made the creative tab within the mod and there is no more dependencies for another mod being added to the folder !

2- In game configuration change, yah i added the support for new forge's ability to change the configs from inside the game's main menu mod section.

3- Restructured the whole mod's packages and the places the class files where, more following the pahimar's structure because that is a good one

4- Added few missing recipes for the pistons

5- Added complete config ability, now you have ability to disable one or each piston or the whole category of pistons from the config file

I developed this new releases on forge 1208, not sure what will happen with lower versions.

Things To Do :

1- Categorizing the configs

2- Make red stone in between blocks the sub block of the unpowered one so that they use one block id

3- Starting to develop a new super secret type of pistons :D

Things that you need to remember :

1- Anything you want to speak about with me, please USE THE OFFICIAL FORUM POST

2- I'm new to modding

3- I just imported the mod to 1.7.10 and need time to figure how things work and why they work the way they work

4- in future i may change some recipes for some pistons like the super piston, not sure, we will see.


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