More Materials

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This mod is a simple mod to add more realistic recipes and more varieties for building materials to the game. This is also a work in progress, and I was encouraged to release early.

It adds the following items:

  • Brick Clay - a more realistic recipe for bricks that uses sand and dirt in addition to clay. 
  • Stained Brick Clay - brick clay that is stained before firing.
  • Stained Brick - the fired brick from stained brick clay.
  • Daub - Used in Wattle and Daub walls.

It adds the following blocks:

  • Stained Brick Blocks - different colored brick blocks from stained bricks.
  • Stained Brick Block Stairs - Stairs version of stained brick blocks.
  • Stained Brick block Slabs - Slabs version of stained brick blocks.
  • Wooden Frames - a wattle and daub wall inside a timber frame. There is a different type for each type of wood. There are 4 different patterns of frames too.
  • Thatched Roofing - Instead of using stairs for roofing, this is a thatched roof made from hay.
  • Brick Walls - Similar to Cobblestone walls.
  • Stained Brick Walls - Brick walls of different colors.
  • Hardened Clay Walls - Walls made from hardened clay.
  • Stained Clay Walls - Walls made from different colors of stained clay.
  • Wattle Panels and Wattle and Daub Walls - Primitive construction technique to make early earthen homes.


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