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More like Backpacks


More like Backpacks is an Minecraft 1.18.2+ mod that adds a few New Sacks (Backpacks) with massive Storage Place.

The more expensive and valuable the backpacks are, the more storage space they have

From Sack > Wooden Sack > Iron Sack > Gold Sack > Diamond Sack > Netherite Sack MAX LVL

(maybe in future Updates i add more types :D)


Here we have All the Guis for the different types of backpacks that are added with this mod.

I Think I don't have to say anything more here, you can see how big the respective backpacks are in terms of storage space

If you have Any Questions about the backpacks ask in the Comments or via private Message.

This is the GUI for The Storageing Table that is showed below this👇

This is The Storageing Table in this new Crafting Station where you can *oh wait i got an letter* i mean you need to create the new Backpacks there

if you want to use them and when you want to upgrade an backpack to an higher level you need to do that in this new Table ;)


if you find any issues or have any mod Ideas that i can make in future than write in comments or private message