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No longer supported use instead

1.12.2 version is for forge (non supported), 1.14+ versions are for fabric

This mod adds snow-like layers for a bunch of blocks including grass, sand, gravel and leaves. They are very useful for making smoother landscapes. Here is a quickly created example of a slope using grass layers

Another example:

All the layers added:

1st row: Concrete powder layers

2nd row: Netherrack, dirt, coarse dirt, podzol, mycelium, grass and grass path layers.

3rd row: Obsidian, cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, stone, granite, diorite and andesite layers.

4rd row: End stone, sand, red sand, sandstone, red sandstone, gravel and hay layers.

5th row: Oak leaves, birch leaves, jungle leaves, spruce leaves, acacia leaves and dark oak leaves layers.

To shave of a layer right click with a shovel (also works on snow layers) or a pickaxe depending on the block. To convert a block to 8 layers shift right click with a shovel/pickaxe depending on the block. Hold down shift when placing layers to place 4 at a time (half a block).

Stone-related layers are created in the stonecutter:

The rest are crafted:


You are allowed to use this mod in modpacks. Do link this page from the pack's mod list tho.


Will you update the forge version?

No, I rather use the lightweight Fabric that supports snapshots version, than Forge that takes months to update due to it's clutter.


Please comment below if you have any thoughts of the mod. Can anything be improved?


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