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1,323 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 19, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod in its current state adds. More items and mechanics will be added.

  • Tiered rebreathers, which extends the players air, not forever. These also make it easier for players to see underwater and also mine under water.
  • Tiered lucky horseshoes, which makes the player survive a death and leaves the player at a specific number of hearts. Each time the horseshoe takes damage and a cooldown effect is added to the player.
  • A way to gain more max hearts up to 2x as much as the normal player.
  • A way to soulbind items, so they do not drop upon death.

Soulbinding supports the following inventories (In as the items is not added to the player's main inventory)

  • Main player inventory (Vanilla)
  • Armor (Vanilla)
  • Offhand (Vanilla)
  • Baubles inventory (Baubles)
  • Galacticraft extended player inventory (Galacticraft)

If you want me to support even more custom modded player inventories, please open an issue on the tracker or write it here

If an item gets dropped by another inventory* and are soulbound by my mod, it will be added to the main player inventory, if the main player inventory is full, it will not remove the item from the droplist, which should allow them to be put into a gravestone.


Currently tested gravestone mods:

If for some reason soulbound does not work with a specific gravestone mod, then please tell me. Because then that gravestone mod might be using the wrong event or priority to steal the items.


*Using the correct events that enables gravestone mods to be compatible with all inventories drops


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